Predictions For Mobile App In 2015

Mobile applications are on a rise due to their increasing demand in the market. There are numerous companies that use talented mobile application developers for this purpose. Here are some predictions related to the mobile app in the year of 2015. It is predicted that the standalone apps will not be preferred in the coming years, and they will be replaced. There are a bright future and very good opportunity for the hardware-driven innovation. The front end mobile experience is going to be taken over by the composition. The competition for the mobile accessories and ecosystem is also going to rise. The merging of the physical and digital world is going to accelerate. It is necessary to develop the mobile apps that have flexibility options that will be very handy to satisfy the varying customer needs.

It will be a very good idea to maintain the front end architecture and the back end architecture separately as it will help in avoiding many complications. The main challenges that have to be faced by the mobile application developers are listed here. Fragmentation of operating systems, screen size, different types of devices, and so on. Especially, when this problem occurs in Android phones where the landscape viewing is also possible it becomes very tough to solve. The developers have found a solution to this problem for a certain extent but still it has not been solved completely. The development has to be done in a way that the user has to use the app at least twice to thrice a day rather than for seconds.